Thanks Ella

So todays blog is less about the milk and more about the mush.  Weaning time!  Yes I thought, what could be more fun than lovingly preparing small portions of tasty and healthy foodstuffs that my baby will enjoy in his eye wateringly expensive high chair (an investment purchase?!)

According to Ella, you should start with vegetables for the first two weeks, with a different taste every day, and especially the GREEN ones.  I dutifully whipped around the supermarket, buying one avocado, one courgette, broccoli and eagerly returned home to a cooking frenzy.  My husband felt that cooking said vegetables simply by boiling the life out of them, then blending, mushing, sieving and cooling was tantamount to child abuse (You cannot have potatoes, BOILED, with no butter or salt) but I blindly continued.

Turns out if you try to blend potato, it turns into a gloopy mess the consistency of wallpaper paste, and tastes fairly similar too.  After consulting the purple bible, reading the small print I should have mashed that one, something to do with the starch..Even the dog wouldn’t touch it..And her favourite is tripe…

So although giving R mouthfuls of slushy cold tastless green veg and watching his startled, intrigued and ultimately discusted face was quite entertaining, it did feel a bit cruel.  It wasn’t long before I caved and just mushed up a banana, which was inevitably much more pleasing to the palate.  And after the initial guilt passed, (palate ruined, probably no teeth either) I felt a little more comfortable with the weaning spoon.

The second week went better.  After a “bib coat” purchase and some bowls that stick to the tray, R was happily wolfing down carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash.  Turns out the root veg were rather well recieved, and peas definately snubbed.  My friend told me that she felt her little boy preferred “Ellas kitchen to mummys kitchen.”  And when R grows up only eating coco pops and mars bars, at least I can tell him I tried…

So the journey continues….Think next week brings dairy and combining flavours…Granny just wants to know when he can have steak and chips..