Not a Clue Team

Better known as NCT (National Childbirth Trust.). We debated for quite a while, Mr S and I about whether to attend these classes.  There was a suggestion that “it’s an expensive way to make friends and I already have friends.”  Whilst this may be true, you don’t have THESE type of friends.  The ones that will always answer a whatsap message at 2am, sympathise with an emergency in car nappy change and leaky boobs or simulaneously cheer and pat you on the back if you manage a night out SANS Bebe.  The ones that advise you on teething gels, second hand bumbos and the best teat to try if your baby flatly refuses to take a bottle.  Although the classes did prepare us for labour and childbirth, I don’t think any of us were ready for the onslaught of what is affectionately known in the business as “the fourth trimester.”  I think it’s fantastic that NCT are now providing infant feeding sessions rather than just breastfeeding advice, bravo as this seems the last taboo in parenting choices.  I can choose to sleep my child in a box, in a Moses, a jazzy next to bed crib, cot, cot bed, my bed, sleepyhead yet still the advice seems to be breastfeed, full stop.  I am not arguing against breast is best, and am aware that how you feed your baby may always be a contentious issue, but surely whatever method is chosen, or not chosen this choice should be encouraged and supported?  Perhaps we should have a referendum on it..

Anyway, thanks to the mums to be who trudged to a depressing church hall on miserable evenings in December, I now have access to seven educated opinions, a weekly coffee date and reassurance that however you are feeling, it is likely someone else is/has been in the same position.  And you can’t put a price on that.


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