Keep calm and stroke the foil

No, not a euphemism but rather sound advice from our latest “baby entertainment” class.  I had been warned about such activities; they are for you not the baby, cost loads of money, you’ll never get there on time/spend the session feeding/nappy changing.  But as always I like to experience these aspects for myself, so along with a few reluctant NCT friends and babies we attended our local church hall for a half hour session of “baby crack.”  This essentially involves saying *singing hello and good bye songs, and a LOT of banging!  Not to mention therapeutic “foil stroking” and a visit from a rather disturbed looking rabbit puppet.  Out of context, I would have sheepishly muttered “sorry wrong room” and skidaddled out of there, but the babies weren’t crying at least so thought it would be prudent to engage.  Before the end of the session I was meowing loudly with the rest of them, haemorrhaging brain cells and throughly enjoying myself.  Hopefully R will be the next Beethoven or limp biskit (however his tastes may develop) after all this investment in his musical accolade, but if not, all the stresses of the week can magically dissolve thanks to an innocent maraca and hand held bell selection.


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